Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bleach Technique

This is a Valentine card I did using the bleach technique. I used a foam swirl stamp I purchased ages ago at WM, and the rubber I heart U stamp I recieved in a rak from my friend Ema. I used dark red and black card stock. The gold heart is a button purchased from I don't remember where as well as the fiber. The mini brads are MM and ink is Palette black.
I find using a foam stamp works better than a regular rubber stamp for me. I guess it's because the foam is thicker and sucks a bleach more. I am really pleased how my back ground paper turned out and the card as a whole.
This is only my third attempt using this technique it is a little smelly but the results are awesome.
TIPS: If you can't wash your stamp right away have a little bowel with water ( just enough to cover the rubber not go up to the adhesive part) and place your stamp there till you can wash it.
And as I always due when working with a new technique play a little experiment before you do your final project. I did 2 back ground papers before this one.
Hope you enjoyed my card and thanks for looking. Have a great day and GOD BLESS,

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